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Kettenfabrik Mester is one of the largest manufacturers of stud link anchor chains in Europe. All well-known shipyards, shipping companies, and offshore companies trust the high quality of our products.

Our company


Some of our chains are manufactured in our Dortmund-based factory.
We have about 1 200 t of chains and anchors available in stock, including all accessories. This enables us to deliver the entire equipment needed for a ship very quickly to any destination inside or outside of Europe.
Specific customer requirements in terms of the chain composition can be realized quickly in our own production facilities.


We can deliver all our anchors in all designs commonly available on the market up to a weight of 17 t per anchor.

Kettenfabrik Mester in figures


Kettenfabrik Mester is 118 years old (founded in 1902)


Chains and anchors, including all accessories, are available in stock.


We have our own 30 m long test bed available on site.


We have equipped seagoing ships to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our market solutions always speak for themselves.

We are primarily a supplier for the maritime industry. We supply anchoring systems, such as stud link anchor chains, studless chains, anchors, and accessories. In addition to that, we also supply chains for industrial use.

Maritime industry

Navigation aid anchors

Offshore industry


Kettenfabrik Mester Products

Kettenfabrik Mester supplies products in the categories listed in all sizes, qualities, and materials (including in particular rust-proof materials resistant to seawater) with approvals from all classifi-cation societies.
“Our production facilities allow us to provide our customers with the greatest flexibility and supply reliability possible.”

Quality testing

Our test facilities, especially our 600 t, 30 m long test bed, will guarantee
the quality in accordance with the requirements.
We have been approved by all major classification societies.

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